This could be a very long post…but I’ll do my best to keep it short and sweet.

I’ve had the opportunity recently to connect with an old friend and a fellow entrepreneur (two different people, by the way). And each visit was unique, yet similar.

As a result of both, I’ve revisited initial goals and been reminded of things I enjoy. Sound confusing? Well, it’s not really. Really, it’s not.

Snoloha, the concept and the brand, is focused. I have to admit, that I started traveling down a path that would have led to trying to please a mass market. Not only can I NOT do that, but I NEVER intended to do that. I’ve revisited early business plans, blog posts, notes, and journal entries to remind myself of what it is that makes Snoloha different. And I feel good, really good, with the direction of this brand.

Snoloha, the lifestyle, encompasses many things. One of which is longboarding (think cross between snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding). I have to admit, it has been quite sometime since I hopped on the old longboard and that it’s become more of a “decoration piece” than anything else. So…I dusted off the deck and have been cruising around town enjoying the scenery and getting a nice workout. And it feels good, really good, to have the ole longboard in action again.

Oh, and if you’ve heard of Donavon Frankenreiter before, then you already know…but if not, give him a listen, I think you’ll dig it. Here’s a video…and if you’re employer has blocked YouTube…well, that sucks.

And here’s the Snoloha longboard parked at the marina.




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