There’s been a lot of “strategizing”, “planning”, “organizing” and other action-oriented buzz words ending in “ing”, happening with Snoloha lately.

It’s been about 2 years since I dedicated myself, and committed full-time to launching this company. This winter will mark 2 years since the brand has actually been available on the market.

It’s still a baby…and still growing and learning.

Some exciting things will be happening in the coming weeks and months. We will be tackling a complete makeover of the website. This will be a pretty intense project that will hopefully begin this fall with a late winter launch. The product line will also be evolving quite nicely as we’ll be using new colors, fabrics and styles. Designs reflecting the Snoloha concept will continue to be introduced. A sales rep force is slowly being assembled, which will help grow the brand through retailers across the country. Spain is printing their first run of gear. Their sales reps will now have samples and be able to go out and begin introducing Snoloha throughout Spain and Europe.

Stay tuned for more…I gotta run for now.



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