It’s been one of those weeks. Hectic. Crazy. Scattered. Busy. Ah, the life of a small business owner trying to juggle building a laid-back, slacker-friendly brand by working extremely hard…but trying to fit in the laid-back and slacker-friendly part. It’s difficult.

As usual, I’m working through it while listening to Radio Margaritaville. Music is calming, and lyrics often times have an uncanny ability to speak directly to you when you need to hear it most. I just heard a great John Prine song and these lyrics are worth sharing:

“Ah but fortunately I have the key to escape reality
And you may see me tonight with an illegal smile
It don’t cost very much, but it lasts a long while”
~ John Prine, “Illegal Smile”

I like that line, “fortunately I have the key to escape reality”. That is really the premise behind Snoloha. The ability to escape from the daily grind to wherever and whatever it is that inspires you, energizes you, or relaxes you.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend. I’m going sailing this weekend…just what a laid-back, slacker should be doing!


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