I’d like to welcome two new retailers to the Snoloha family – Trailhead Bike Shop in Ludington, Michigan…and Captain Ron’s Sunland Store in Sunland, Washington. So if you live in their neck of the woods, be sure to swing on in this summer and pick up some new Snoloha gear.

New products are at the print shop, and will be available in time for summer. I’ve also been working on the latest catalog and product selection for Fall/Winter…it’s looking really nice. I’m anxious to unveil the Snoloha “I’m Too Sexy” line.

So what’s with the “I’m Too Sexy” line? Well, we don’t take ourselves too serious. In fact the whole essence of the Snoloha brand is the opposite of serious. However, we are aware that there are circumstances and situations that are a bit more serious and not that conducive (that’s a serious word for us to use) to the normal Snoloha dress code. So for those occasions (casual Friday at the office, a first date maybe, or in front of a classroom), we’ve got you covered…literally, with the Snoloha “I’m Too Sexy” line. Simple. Sleek. Contoured. Cool. (Insert your own adjective here).

Stay tuned…



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