I’d like to introduce another Snoloha crew member who is helping “spread the love” down south.

In his own words:

“Being desperate for attention, I searched the internet for someone willing to put my “mug” on their site…and then I found Rod! In the process, I also found Snoloha. The two tag lines read, “Carrying a vacation mentality through everyday life” and “Somewhere between the islands and the arctic”. I knew being part of Snoloha meant a lot of vacation time!

I first approached Rod with the idea of me being the Snoloha corporate model (see picture!) but Rod thought a Mascot was more in order. So you need a sales rep, I then asked.

Before Snoloha, my dreams were looking forward to summertime walks, learning to read all over again, and owning as many Adirondack chairs as I could. But now my passion is this incredible brand. My goal is to help Rod and his team in any way that I can.

Born and raised in the south (Georgia), I join the Navy (they had good rates on cruises) after high school. After that, I have spent the last 10 years in and around corporate retail working at The Home Depot in their corporate buying office and then a consumer products manufacturer. I started an e-commerce company called www.bethefan.com but continue to find myself spreading the word of Snoloha more and more. It’s not hard to exist in the tangible world. But it is hard to find that right mentality…and Snoloha is that right mentality!”




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