I’ve been reflecting a bit on the trip to the BVI’s. Admittedly, I had a difficult time making the decision to take the vacation. There were all kinds of excuses and “what ifs” bouncing around my head. Being a small business owner, there’s guilt associated with many decisions. With such a strong loyalty and passion for this business, “leaving” for a short time is tough…it feels guilty.

Ultimately, with some strong arming by friends, the decision become clear…GO! After all, the whole purpose of launching this brand, this company, and my own business, was to live a certain lifestyle and make my own decisions, right?!

I don’t regret for a second, going on such an amazing trip.

I was reminded the other day, while listening to a little Jim Hoehn, that there’s an occasional importance (mentally & physically) for people to know that “He’s way from his desk”. And I’m excited for the summer season to kick in…it’ll be time to reinstate “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Fridays”. Maybe half day Fridays…but you get the idea.

“He’s Away From His Desk”

“I’m checkin’ my checkbook, ‘cause it’s never balanced, but then again neither am I
A lifelong resistance to corporate existence, there’s always someway to get by
The money I spent, well sometimes was the rent, which explains some places I’ve stayed
But the lines that I’ve toed and the rows that I’ve hoed, were the choices that I alone made

Ah, the price of success, is too steep I guess
Hold all my calls, just tell ‘em all, he’s away from his desk
From the corporate phonies who lack the cojones
To step away from their desk

Some people say that they don’t like to work, when it’s really their job they can’t stand
When you like what you do and you do what you like, it’s a feeling you can’t understand
Whether playing beach bars or filling up cars, it depends on your point of view
‘Cause the full-service man with the pump in his hand is working an island job, too”



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