I received this email just the other day. I couldn’t ask for a better connection to the Snoloha brand. We are still a very new and young company in this mass-marketed environment, and hearing this type of feedback reinforces why I decided to launch this brand, take the risk involved, and work longer and harder than I ever have before.

“I am so pleased in what you guys stand for and your products are AWESOME!!! I cannot believe how many people have stopped me and asked me at places around the city where did you get your shirt?…..I usually do not send emails out to companies but I just wanted to let you know that what you guys as a company are doing is spreading alot of cheer…I can say personaly that everytime i am wearing your brand I have a smile on my face…just saying SNOLOHA and its meaning just makes a person feel free….and in todays day and age its hard to come buy that…So KUDOS from our family to yours…”



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