Rob called me today, and not just to talk…rather to inform me of his “Snoloha day” he was enjoying. I should mention that just before the phone call, I was preparing for a bank meeting, so to hear about his day was a little depressing.

He arrived at the ski hill 30 minutes before they opened, and was the first chair lift of the morning. For the first couple hours, he could count the number of runs he made by looking at his turns carved into the snow below him…there was little traffic on the hill, and that’s a beautiful thing (for the skier, but not the ski hill).

When he called me, he was taking a break, enjoying an ice-cold PBR (yes, a Pabst Blue Ribbon), and listening to some Kenny Chesney. He then proceeded to inform me that after the afternoon session, he was going to end the day with another PBR and a nice cigar.

I suddenly realized how much I was dreading a bank meeting, and that maybe I shouldn’t have taken his call…thanks for sharing, and rubbin’ it in Rob.

Rob in Utah


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