The Snoloha brand means many different things to many different people. As a result of the MSN and StartupNation award, “slacker” is one word that people identify with. A “slacker” is a person who evades his or her work. Of course, as the old saying goes, if you do something you love, then it’s not work. For me, it’s hard to be a slacker since I love what I’m doing. However, today I am going to live up to the slacker image. I’m bailing early to go snowboarding. Do I feel guilty? Yes I do. But as I look out the window at the snow falling, I’m guessing that this feeling of guilt will subside quickly after that first run.

When I think back to that “office job” that I dreaded, it makes going snowboarding on a Monday seem like a dream come true. When I think about that line from “Office Space”, “sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays”, I smile and think that if snowboarding is a case of the Monday’s, then I’m a pretty lucky guy today.

But you know, going snowboarding on a snowy January is what the Snoloha lifestyle is all about – Snoloha is a lifestyle people live everyday, a couple times a year, once in a lifetime, or in their minds all the time. It’s carrying a vacation mentality through everyday life, celebrating and enjoying all the seasons that get thrown at us.

So it’s not just living up to the slacker image, but it’s living the lifestyle as well.

Enjoy the day everyone, I know I will.



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