The last day of 2007. I’m trying to get at least a half-day of work in before relaxing with some friends to ring in the New Year, followed by a day of college football to “kick-off” 2008 (yes, very bad and obvious pun).

I’m sitting at my desk looking out the window at the snow covered ground, listening to Ziggy Marley’s “Tomorrow People”, and wondering what to write about for the last blog post of the year. I guess a little reflection makes the most sense, right?!

2007 for Snoloha started with zero retailers and a website that had only been launched for about a month and a half. Not many people had heard of the brand and there had not been any PR. I had a clear vision in my head at what I wanted to accomplish for the year – open 20 to 30 retailers, create an online community via the Barefoot & Exposed blog and the Snapshots & Scenery photo gallery, drive online sales, and generate some word-of-mouth and PR.

As of today there are 20 retailers, customers across the country and across the Atlantic in England, there have been 295 blog posts, 11 Snapshots & Scenery winners, some great PR (especially the MSN coverage), there are over 3,000 results when you Google “snoloha”, countless supportive emails, and a growing Snoloha community that I am most proud of.

It is this community, this “family”, that will continue to drive and grow this company and this brand. The intimate connection that Snoloha has to this community means more than selling a t-shirt. This connection is really what Snoloha is all about. It is exactly what I sought out to create and share. Not a t-shirt company, but a lifestyle and a brand that can be shared and expressed around the globe.

Thank you for understanding what Snoloha really is. Thank you for the support and for the business.

2008 should be fun!

Have a happy and safe New Year.



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