I love hearing these stories:

A friend of mine is currently down in the Virgin Islands working with a yacht charter company. While at a local restaurant, a family stops him as they recognize his Snoloha shirt. They own some themselves and were purchasing more for Christmas gifts.

I get a phone call from a buddy who tells me that he and his wife are at a Best Buy and a Snoloha hoodie just walked by.

A Snoloha hoodie is spotted on a fellow employee at a hospital as they are leaving for the day.

Another friend is picking up photos (and wearing a Snoloha shirt), as the gentlemen behind the counter mentions how his wife has Snoloha clothing that she wears.

A retailer tells me how the first lady through the door on a Saturday morning is asked how she can be helped, and she replies “do you carry Snoloha?”

These stories make my day. It’s so exciting to see and hear how the brand is growing. If you have any that you like to share, let me know.



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  1. Tis’ the season for Snoloha moments. As a parent of two young kids, it is great being able see Christmas through their eyes. Watching the Grinch (cartoon not Jim Carrey), Rudolph, and Charlie Brown Christmas with my 8 year old son and 4 year old daughter is about as good as life gets. Seeing the same looks on their faces that I’m sure I had on mine 30 years ago is awesome. It is the purest joy that life can produce. It is one of those many anonymous, nameless, perfect moments now defined as a Snoloha moment. It’s a good life.

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