Here’s a goofy perspective for you…

They say when you start a business, you’re suppose to do something you love. Something that you are passionate about. I am passionate about the Snoloha brand and the lifestyle it represents. And today, I was reminded of how much I love t-shirts.

I had a bank meeting this morning. So I put on my best pair of khaki shorts and nicest pair of flip-flops. Yes, that’s right, shorts & flip-flops at a bank meeting. But the meeting revolved around Snoloha, and the person I was meeting with understands what I’m building with this brand. If I were to show up in a tie, he’d probably become suspicious.

In addition to my nicest khaki shorts and flip-flops, I threw on a collared polo shirt! I believe that was about the fourth time this summer I have put on a collared shirt.

After the meeting, then some running around town, I finally made it home to change into more appropriate work attire…broken in flip-flops and a t-shirt. I realized once I put that shirt on, just how comfortable they are, and how I really do love wearing a t-shirt.

Sounds goofy, doesn’t it?!

But the next time you change into a t-shirt after a day at work, a meeting, a wedding, etc, take a moment to realize how good it feels. It’s relaxing. It’s part of the lifestyle.



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