With the last week of summer upon us, it’s hard not to reflect, especially how it’s suddenly passed us by in the blink of an eye. One of my memorable moments took place in August at the Elk Rapids Harbor Days Festival. While hanging out in the marina and walking the docks, we happened upon a couple of guys playing a little Steve Earl with an acoustic guitar and a mandolin. I mean, how cool is that? Sipping on a cold-one while listening to a mandolin on a boat dock?

The marina life is quite amazing. There is a sense of community among the boaters. They enjoy life one cook-out at a time. One boat drink at a time. One cruise at a time.

In the morning, there is hot coffee and a rising sun. In the evenings, there is music and tiki lights. And in between, there is throwing off the lines, taking a cruise, maybe a little swimming, or perhaps some fishing. Or, it’s as simple as staying in the slip, reading a good book, or firing up the grill and the blender.

It’s very easy to become a fan of this lifestyle. I’m sold!

Harbor Days



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