Recently, I took a road trip to visit some of my Snoloha retailers. During the trip, I had a chance to visit with a former co-worker, whom I haven’t seen in about 4 years. While catching up between her customers, I learned that she was battling cancer. Two days before last Christmas they found it. Now she is going through chemotherapy. Her spirits and attitude are nothing short of amazing. Here she is facing a life threatening disease, yet she seems stronger and more at peace than ever. She insists this won’t slow her down, and it won’t keep her down. She greets each new customer with that electric smile and personality of hers. She’s not sick. How could she be? She’s just too damn happy. And I adore and admire her for that.

After a nice conversation and a strong hug good-bye, I was off to the next retailer. While reflecting on that visit, and driving down the road listening to Radio Margaritaville, one of my favorite Jimmy Buffett lyrical songs was played, “Someday I Will”.

I have never thought about changing the words to a Buffett song. But after that visit, then hearing this song, I thought about changing the lyrics to “Today I Will”. It is “oh so cliche”, but it really is a short time on this crazy planet, so instead of “Someday”, why not “TODAY”!

G’head, give it a try…

    Someday I Will

    I see a white sail
    skipping cross a blue bay
    and I say Someday I Will
    I see a young man
    strumming on a green guitar
    and I say Someday I Will

    I don’t have a plan
    It’s not that kind of thing
    I’m not Martin Luther King
    I don’t have a dream
    It’s just sometimes I know
    That’s the way I’m supposed to go

    I see a flying boat
    and I get a lump in my throat
    and I say Someday I Will

    So whatever thrills you
    Anything you love to do
    Just say someday I will

    Don’t need to know who
    May help you make it come true
    Just say someday I will

    Don’t have to work it all out
    Don’t have to tear it all apart
    All you need’s a place to start

    And if it never worked before
    Try it just once more
    That’s what your heart if for

    Whether it’s big or small
    If you have a passion at all
    Just say, someday I will



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