One of the difficult aspects of owning and running a small business is “balance”. Balance between “work” and “personal” life. Although you never really punch-out or shut it off, it’s healthy to get out enjoy the very things that inspired you to start the business in the first place. For me, that inspiration has a lot to do with lifestyle. I have made a deal with myself to take advantage of being my own boss and enjoy the water and the beach this summer as much as I can.

So on Friday’s, I try to “punch-out” a little early and get in some important beach time. I packed up the backpack, hopped on the bike, and peddled down to my favorite beach spot on Grand Traverse Bay. While relaxing in the hot June sun, sipping on an ice-cold Corona, and listening to a little Kenny Chesney, I realized how amazing this “Snoloha Lifestyle” really is.

What prompted this was the parasail boat passing by, then the Tall Ship Manitou out in the distance, followed by the Nauti-Cat gliding across the water. Summer is here, and tourist and locals are definitely taking advantage of it.

Then I thought about 6 months from now – when snow covers the ground and ice begins to flirt with the water. Tourists and locals will still be into the swing of things. Whether it’s cross-country skiing and snowshoeing along the many trails throughout the area, or skiing and snowboarding at one of the local resorts.

That is the Snoloha lifestyle – taking advantage of, and making the best out of whatever season, climate, or weather that is thrown at us.

Tall Ship Manitou



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