Great new song from Sammy Hagar’s latest disc, “Livin’ It Up”:
Sammy Hagar -Livin it up

    “Livin’ On A Coastline”

    “We got a styrofoam chest full o’ ice cold beer
    (Livin’ on a coastline)
    We ain’t goin’ nowhere we got it all right here
    (Livin’ on a coastline)
    Yeah, stone guaranteed to cure the summertime blues
    Put your feet in the sand
    And throw away your shoes
    You just step right up we got another fine day
    Got a nice cool breeze
    Blow your cares away
    It don’t take much to have a lot to say
    Don’t let the big one get away
    We livin’ on a coastline
    (Livin’ on a coastline)
    Come on down, yeah”


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