I stumbled across this site that I thought was worth sharing. It is called “Pursue the Passion”. The team at Pursue the Passion travel across the country interviewing people “who are propelled by a love for their work”. “It’s our belief that everyone should be passionate about their profession. We have made it our mission to provide inspiration, guidance, and community support to help you find work you’ll love.”

The site is full of interviews with various people on tropics from Business and Art, to Entrepreneurship and Travel.

Here’s a snippet from JoAnne Pavin:
“Just like golf, interruptions in life and business will happen all the time, you just need to step back up to the ball and give it your best shot. So with whatever you are to make of your paths, remember: through the bunkers, hazards, vast undulating fairways along the way, there is always the 19th hole! Never take yourself, or golf too seriously!”



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