Continuing with the previous Trop Rock entry, I wanted to share with everyone the Margarita MafiaA resource for like-minded people who enjoy the music of Independent Trop Rock Singers and Songwriters. I just learned about them myself after listening to one of JimmyPirate’s Podcasts. Check out their website for more info on artists, events, photos, and how to join.

I love the Creed:

    We love the sun, the sand, the sea.
    We believe in simplifying life.We believe that stress is evil and must be avoided at all costs.
    We believe that tropical shirts, shorts and flip flops are the appropriate attire for most social situations.
    We see the world in blue and white…..and tan, definitely tan.
    We believe that life is like a good margarita — sweet, tangy and salty around the edges.
    We believe all these things are best shared with friends: cocktails, laughs, music….and time.
    We support Independent Artists who write songs about these subjects.

    Artists who participate in the Margarita Mafia and “Family Members” must agree to the following beliefs:
    Margarita Mafia
    Music should lift us up.
    Music should make us laugh.
    Music should make us think.
    Music should make us feel alive.
    A live show should be entertaining, that’s why it’s LIVE.
    Each show should end with one big JAM SESSION

    Music is its own reward.
    No egos. Period.


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