Seems only appropriate to share this song as the shoreline of West Grand Traverse Bay is slowly filling up with sailing and motor boats attached to their respective mooring balls.

As for the Snoloha corporate yacht, well, it still needs a little engine work before she touches the water. Okay, maybe it’s not a “yacht”, but it is a boat.

And anyone reading this who owns a boat or who has owned a boat has probably asked themselves this question, “why?” Why own a boat when you have friends with boats, right? I don’t know either. I guess it makes me feel cool staring at the engine and touching certain hoses like I know what I’m doing. And if I didn’t own a boat, then I couldn’t back it into the garage in the winter, crank up the heat, kick on some tunes, fill up the cooler and watch the snow falling outside and saying things like, “can’t wait until summer to drop this beast in the water.”

Anyway, I digress. The boat will be in the water this year…

    “Marinas in the morning
    Seem so calm and still
    Coffee poured at dockside
    Warms the early chill
    Rosy streaks of rising sun
    Fading shades of gray
    Sliding past the boat slips now
    Gently on my way

    From this moment on
    It’s gonna get better
    Life and luck
    Just changes on the water
    One big morning kiss
    Everyday should be like this
    It’s all about life, oh yeah
    It’s all about love

    Water days can take me back
    To the simpler times
    Water days can clear my head
    And bring me words and rhymes
    From the morning calm
    To the evening breeze
    Take it all the way
    Make a toast to the setting sun
    A perfect water day”


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