From Part 1 of a series by Patty Vogan. This is a great story about chasing an entrepreneurial dream, and is well worth the read.

If the opening paragraph doesn’t get your attention:

As Jimmy Buffett would say, “Have you ever dreamed of escaping from your dull existence to a new life on a tropical island?” My guess is many of you have had that thought once or twice. Well, back in 1991, I did just that. Only once I was there, I didn’t relax; I became an entrepreneur.

Maybe this will:

Sailing around the idyllic islands with warm winds and diving in 200-foot visibility was a true piece of heaven. One day, after diving, we joined a group of salty dogs sitting in the sand bar discussing life. Thomas, the manager of Moorings Yacht Charter Company, where we rented our floating home, then asked: “If you could do what you really wanted to do in life what would it be?”

After being put on the spot, I told him that I’d always wanted to have a scuba diving shop in the tropics, where it’s warm. “Well why don’t you do that here and do it now?” was his response. I mumbled something back about being the next in line for VP of marketing. “Oh I get it,” he said. “You are just one of those people that talk about your dreams and never make them come true.”

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  1. I think that before long, you, Jess and the rest of your Board of Directors are gonna be down there in the islands telling the rest of the world you did it, so can they!

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