I recieved a great package this weekend from Jim Hoehn (www.jimhoehn.com & www.myspace.com/jimhoehn), who is the writer of “Callin’ In Gone” by The Boat Drunks (see previous blog entry from March 14th). Jim is a Milwaukee-based journalist, author and songwriter, and he sent a couple of his CD’s and a nice note from his home in scenic Wisconsin.

He has performed at numerous festivals and events around the country and has opened for a wide variety of national artists, including the likes of Warren Zevon, Jerry Jeff Walker, Junior Brown, Robert Earl Keen, Don McLean, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Kinky Friedman.

Thought I’d share some of my early favorite lyrics. This is from his “Playa del Pressbox” CD.

“He’s Away From His Desk”

I’m checkin’ my checkbook, ’cause it’ never balanced, but then again neither am I
A lifelong resistance to corporate existence, there’s always someway to get by
The money I spent, well sometimes was the rent, which explains some places I’ve stayed
But the lines that I’ve toed and the rows that I’ve hoed, were the choices that I alone made

Ah, the price of success, is too steep I guess
Hold all my calls, just tell ’em all, he’s away from his desk
From the corporate phonies who lack the cojones
To step away from their desk

Some people say that they don’t like to work, when it’ really their job they can’t stand
When you like what you do and you do what you like, it’s a feeling you can’t understand
Whether playing beach bars or filling up cars, it depends on your point of view
‘Cause the full-service man with the pump in his hand is working an island job, too”

Thanks again Jim!


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