Today was “Road Trip” day. I spent the day with a friend who manages a yacht charter and sailing school business. He had to go look at a few potential boats to add to the fleet and asked if I wanted to come along. Well, since I did need to visit a retailer that just so happend to be “on the way”, and I really could use a break from my office, I was on-board. It seemd fitting, afterall, to spend the first full day of Spring looking at boats and “getting in the mood”.

We first stopped in Charelvoix, which is the small strip of land that separates Lake Michigan and Lake Charlevoix. There we looked at a 50′ sailboat. With a little elbow grease, she’s going to look gorgeous. After standing on the deck, going below to check out the cabin, and standing behind the helm, we were both ready to throw off the bow lines and catch the trade winds in our sails.

Next it was on to the resort town of Harbor Springs. The drive to Harbor is quite amazing as you wind your way around Little Traverse Bay through the town of Petoskey. Harbor is where I needed to go anyway, so now this trip was more than just looking at boats, it was business. Actually, the majority of this road trip consisted of very interesting business discussions about Snoloha and the boating business. After looking at a very unique, and very cool Norwegian made 27′ tug, and then visiting my retailer, of course it was time for lunch and what better place to visit than Bar Harbor?

Now on to the tourist trap that is known as Mackinaw City to check out a Catamaran. By this time we were both mentally in “summer mode” even though it was drizzling and 30 degrees out (I’d call that a Snoloha moment, for sure).

And finally, back to Traverse City by 6:00 to check emails and do some computer work and get ready for another road trip to Grand Rapids tomorrow to meet with more retailers…all in a day’s work I guess.



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