You read and hear about it all the time – entrepreneurial pains, start-up challenges, small business obstacles – basically the rollercoaster ride that is starting and owning your own business.

Some days you’re up, and others you’re down. There are no certainties. There are no guarantees. I take that back. There is one thing that is certainly guaranteed – There is nothing easy about starting a business! If it were easy, everybody would be doing it, right?

The point of this rant, you’re wondering?

Probably something to do with the “to-do” list that is trying to overwhelm me currently. I won’t get into what’s on the list, like anyone really wants to know…do you?

The point is if anytime you reach a point when things are getting a bit hectic and that damn “to-do” list won’t quit staring you in the face, maybe it’s time to step back, take a deep breath, and go do something totally opposite of what you’d normally do. Sort of like the “Seinfeld” episode when George does everything opposite of what he’d normally do, or say.

Pam over at EscapeFromCubucileNation has a great post about this very topic,

“Spend a day doing the opposite of what you should be doing.
There comes a time when no matter how much you try to force yourself to get things done, your fatigue or resistance will be so great that it is a losing battle. So why stress yourself out? Take a day and do whatever is the irresponsible, fun, adventuresome antidote to the task at hand. Catch a triple feature movie. Go golfing all day. Luxuriate in the spa. Eat junk food. ”

For me, I enjoy writing as a way to vent and deal with stress. However, I am also taking Pam’s advice. Today I am bailing out early. Shortly after this blog post I am turning off the computer and doing…something, anything else.

I think that’s what is so great about vacations and travelling. It gives you the chance to recharge your batteries and your creative juices.

Though I am not taking a vacation, a nice snowshoe in the woods will probably do the trick.

So have a great, relaxing weekend everyone. Get out on the water, in the woods, on the snow.

Do the opposite of what you’d normally be doing. Unless of course you’d normally be on the water, in the woods, or on the snow!



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