Jamaica Dogsled TeamIf you haven’t seen or heard of The Jamaica Dogled Team, take a moment to visit the site and read their story. Here is a taste:

“You gotta be kidding! Who in his right mind would even think of starting a Jamaica Dogsled Team in a country with no snow. You gotta wonder what the creator of this wild idea was smoking. That is exactly what everyone including the family of the founder were saying. “Dad, you’ve really lost it this time”.

Meet Danny Melville our illustrious leader and founder (not exactly your normal, everyday business guy). His Jamaica Dogsled team is a heart warming tale of tails that includes Jimmy Buffett, Scotland, Minnesota and more.

Danny was shopping for dune buggies for his Jamaican adventure tour business in Edmonton, Canada when he tripped over this “thing”, a metal frame with wheels, in the corner of a fabrication shop. He was told it was a dog sled with wheels so it could be used in the summer when there was no snow.”



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