While visiting AfterBlue Sailaway, and learning more about Maciek, I wanted to share this:

“What would you do if you only had 6 months to live? Well, nobody is hurting here, you might say, but sometimes you feel like used car you owned long time ago. It still runs, but boy, does it leak oil badly. Questions of escape rattle in your brain before you drown them in the noise of the bar or shoot them dead with your TV remote.

I was cubicle creature for so long that I forgot what life could be like outside of these cages of nine to five. But there is life out there. Somewhere beyond car payments there is an adventure waiting and there are foreign places to be discovered. There are people who made the brake, that you wouldn’t meet any other way. There are strange islands, mysterious underwater and that woosh of the water sliced by the bow of the boat. No cell phones, no pagers, no e-mail and no daytimer. You can even leave your in-laws behind.

Discover and follow your dreams. You shouldn’t have to wait till you’re in your fifties, high blood pressure and a wad of money to go for it, right?”

Gets you thinking, doesn’t it?

Thanks Maciek~



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