Winter Hiking in Traverse City

Winter the way it’s suppose to be in northern Michigan. Pictured above is a local hiking area near the historic Traverse City State Hospital.

These are the kind of days that exemplify the Snoloha lifestyle. While out hiking with the dog, we came across several cross-country skiers, snowshoers, and fellow hikers with their dogs.

The snow fell gently the entire time we were out there. There were two men setting up candle holders made of ice. They informed me of a lighted snowshoe walk later in the evening.

Everyone we encountered talked about the beautiful weather. The dogs all exchanged sniffs. The sun made a few appearances. The air was crisp. And life was good.

And come spring and summer, we will explore these same trails and probably encounter the same folks enjoying another beautiful day.

Snoloha life at its best.



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