Jerry Jeff WalkerGreat song and great lyrics from Jerry Jeff Walker.

“I don’t think I’m ready for the world waiting for me back there….
I need me just….
One more morning on the long boat dock,
Drinking coffee as the sun comes up,
Drinking bilikin beer in the big deck chair.
Late night dancin’ in a front street bar,
Makin’ love under the stars,
Man it’s like some dream we live down here….
Walking home underneath the stars,
Hearing voices from that empty bar,
Man it’s like some dream we live down there….
We’ve been here a week or so,
Now it’s finally time to go.
Can’t believe how quickly time as flown.
Packin’ up the bathin’ suits,
gettin’ out the cowboy boots,
That’s a sign we must be goin’ home….”


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