West Bay in JanuaryIt’s a nice enough day out, so I decided to get out from behind this computer screen for a quick walk down to the beach (one of the nice things about living just a few blocks from the bay).

It is January in northern Michigan and all I needed to wear on my walk down to the water was a Snoloha Hoodie. No fleece. No long-underwear. No Snoloha beanie. No winter coat.

Pictured is West Grand Traverse Bay on January 3rd at 3:00 in the afternoon with a temperature of 46 degeress. The picture doesn’t do the weather justice. The sky is actually clear as can be with the sun shining bright. Normally during this time of year, the sun rarely makes an appearance.
Surprisingly, there were no boats in the water. I thought for sure I’d see someone taking advantage of these very mild winter days.

Still, some snow would be nice!




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