For any of you reading this in the Great Lakes region, it is no surprise that it’s been a mild winter, to say the least.  It is December and it is not very white outside.  During my holiday travels south on I-75, I passed by a golf course that was as green as a golf course could be.  Of course it may have looked so green in contrast to the rest of the surroundings being that dull, depressing winter brown color.  I was surprised that I didn’t see anyone taking advantage of the warm temperatures and getting in a round just so they could say they golfed on Christmas Eve.

Anyway, I thought it was important to mention that although Mother Nature has not delivered the kind of snowfall we are all use to, that doesn’t mean the ski hills are closed.  Yes, they are open.  Yes, they do have snow. Okay, so it may not be the best snow conditions, but hey, it’s better than nothing, right?  If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself via Boyne’s live web cams.



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