Chronicles & Commentaries is set to launch just after the New Year. We have a handful of entries to publish but would love to see a few more before this part of the site goes live. So if you, or someone you know, has any travel/vacation/adventure writings, notes, poems, stories, or other words that you’d like to share, just email us.

These entries can be of anything – from a sailing trip in the islands to a day on the slopes at the local ski hill – from kayaking a favorite river to catching some morning waves. Anything that takes us somewhere else for a few moments.

Also, we are generating more traffic and users to the Snapshots & Scenery Photo gallery.  So if you haven’t done so yet, register as a user and upload some photos.  We will be choosing the first winner in January.  So if you want a chance to win Snoloha gear, visit Snapshots & Scenery.  For those of you who have been following the progress of the site, this will sound like a broken record – there are a couple of layout issues to fix in the photo gallery, but we are working on other elements of the site before we tackle them, so thanks for your patience!



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