I wanted to share with everyone a closer look at some of the folks who have been involved with the Snoloha brand from its early stages and will remain an integral part as the company grows.

The majority of the Snoloha design / artwork has been done by Mr. Larry LaBallister. Larry’s Bio (shortened for the purpose of brevity) goes something like this-

Larry has been an artist all his life. He even got a bad report card when in the second grade where the teacher (Mrs. Phillips) wrote “All Larry does in class is look at Monster magazines and draw, draw, draw!”

He started with graphite and later went to colored pencils, and then to airbrushing before moving onto digital mediums. He is currently using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create a wide variety of styles for a wide variety of clients in addition to Snoloha, including “Larry Dahlberg’s The HUNT for BIG FISH” television series.

As for influences; Mark Fredrickson is his number one guy, and he also like the work of John K., creator of “The Ren & Stimpy Show”.

Larry has forever been enamored with the island lifestyle – particularly the South Pacific, and actually spent some time living in Hawaii. In addition to being a talented artist, Larry is an outstanding guitar player and one hell of a beer-maker.

Some of Larry’s work can be seen at www.kaboomdesigns.com. I should also mention (because I know Larry would want me to) that this is his “temporary” website while he works on developing a more in-depth and robust site.

There you have it. A closer look at the artist behind the scenes here at Snoloha. And by the way, we have a ton of design ideas just waiting to be worked on. Because all Larry wants to do is draw, draw, draw!



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