The website has been “launched” for a couple weeks now and we have recieved a number of compliments and suggestions from our visitors along the way.
There are still a handful of issues that we are working on.  In fact, we have a “to do” list of 9 more items yet.  Included is the continuing Internet Explorer headache we are experiencing with the “Contact” page and the Men’s main category page.  On both these pages the content is supposed to be immediately to left of the sidebar navigation just like the rest of the site, but for some reason you have to scroll down to see it.  Again, this is only in Internet Explorer and only these two pages.  If you are using Safari or Firefox it looks just fine.

The remaining items on the “to do” list deal primarily with design elements, style finalization, along with the photo gallery layout.

Yes, it has been a long process.  However, building an e-commerce site from the groud up is a very large project and it simply does take time.  I also wanted to mention my web designer.  It is probably worth noting that he took on this project as a freelance project outside of his normal day job.  So, he works each day from 8am until 5 or 6pm, gets home 45 minutes later and has my project to work on.  So for him to build this website during his off time, basically means that he gets very little off time.

In addition to the great job he has done on the site so far, he saved me thousands of dollars by offering a very generous “friends” rate for this project.

So yes, the site continues to experience some bumps along the way, but as I am learning very quickly, it is all part of the start up process.



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