So I’ve been in FastForward now for I don’t know how long. The site is finally up (still a few tweaks to be made), the initial product line is launched, paperwork has been filed, accounts activated, some marketing in place (with much more to go), more products are in development, meetings are scheduled, orders are slowly coming in, and the list goes on and on and on.

So I need to take a step back for a moment and be sure to let everyone know about several items that are intended for our visitors and customers.

  • The Snapshots & Scenery photo gallery. There are layout issues that we will be tackling soon, but again everything is functioning just fine. So register as a user, upload your photos, look at the other photos, and have a chance to win Snoloha gear.
  • Design Ideas. If you have a design idea, share it with us. If it’s something we are interested in using for our customer-designed line, we will work out the details with you to use it. Of course you will get recognition and your own signiture Snoloha gear for free.
  • Models. If you or someone you know wants to be on the website, get a picture sporting Snoloha gear and send it to us.
  • Chronicles & Commentaries. This will be a new feature coming very soon. The idea is to have our visitors share with us their “somewhere bewteen the islands and the arctic” experiences. Yes, much like the photo gallery, but for those who prefer to paint a picture with words instead of photographs. Or you could do both! A logbook aboard a boat or a traveler’s journal, if you will. Sometimes there’s no better way to get inspired to take that trip, to turn off that computer, use that vacation time, or just throw on some Bob Marley, like reading about someone else’s adventures.
  • The Snoloha Sabbatical. I am very excited to venture down this path. And it is a path that I am not familiar with, so I’m sure I’ll feel lost more than once along the way. The purpose of the Snoloha Sabbatical is to turn into a non-profit with the purpose of raising money (one way will be through the sale of merchandise) in order to send a less fortunate family who has never had the opportunity to experience the Snoloha lifestyle. This could be a trip to Disney Land, to a beach town, a ski resort, Cedar Point…who knows at this point. But we’ll get there. And when we do, it is going to feel really, really good to waive “Bon Voyage” to whomever the family may be and wherever it is they are going.

As you can see, there is quite a bit happening and there are some big plans for Snoloha. Really, it all goes back to what I’ve been saying all along – Snoloha is much more than a t-shirt company. This truly is a lifestyle, and it is a brand dedicated to this lifestyle and to all those that enjoy or who would love the opportunity to enjoy it.

Have a great Turkey Day!



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