Yep, you read correctly, customer-designed T’s. It’s not a new concept by any means, but I like the thought of Snoloha customers having the opportunity to share design ideas and to see their interpretation of Snoloha. So the plan is to simply email us your ideas, concepts, and designs (, and we will then determine if it’s something that we can move forward with. If so, there is of course a release form that we will ask you to sign (I know, I know, but everything these days needs to be done in a legal manner). Then once the design is launched and highlighted in the “Customer Designed” (A more clever name is still pending, btw), you will be given credit for the shirt along with any background info that may be appropriate. Further, if we do indeed use your design, you will receive the final product for free.

These are the preliminary thoughts / plans. If you have any input on the idea, please feel free to share. I’ll be tweaking and finalizing details over the next few days, and will post an update when everything has been settled.



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