Yes, I love watching “The Office”. Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson just crack me up. However I don’t think I would have the appreciation of the story lines and atmosphere had I not had the opportunity (not sure if I’d consider it an opportunity) to work in a real live office environment…I hated it.

That’s why I love watching this show so much. In last night’s episode the Scranton branch was closing and the employees got wind of it earlier than they were supposed to. Some were devastated, while others thought it was a blessing in disguise and the chance to try something new and different.

Well to make a long story short, the branch ends up not closing and everyone’s jobs are safe. The last scene is of the HR employee talking to the camera and he is talking about how for a while he saw himself selling is house and moving to Costa Rica and learning to surf. He then makes a half-hearted attempt to be upbeat and says “but Costa Rica will still be there…” and follows it (with a bitter, angry tone) “when I’m sixty-five.”

The point? Why wait? If you have ambitions to sell your house, to take up a new sport, to switch jobs, to start a business, why keep waiting? It is much easier to roll out of bed every morning and drive to the same ole job that you really don’t care for, than it is to actually do something about it – but the reward it much greater than the risk in the long run.

Think about it. If you were told today that your job was being eliminated, what would you do? You would finally be forced to make a change. And often times, change is good!

So what would that change be?



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