If you’ve read the story behind the idea for Snoloha, then you already know about the trip to the islands. If you haven’t. it’ll only take a minute.

That trip to the Caribbean was a much-needed escape from everyday life here on the mainland. And it was a much needed “time alone” trip. For those of you who know me, you know the reason why that trip was made. For those that don’t…let’s just say that it was due to an ended relationship – you get the picture.

So upon my return to the real world, I received an email at work form a very good friend of mine. I printed that email and still have it more than three years later. It’s the type of message we all need once in a while. A message of support. A message to let us know that although it may seem like we’re taking on the world all on our own, that we do have people on our side ready to lend a hand.

I’ve abbreviated and edited the message, but the main points are clear.

A few reflections for my friend…

1. Who’s gonna be there when the chips are down?

I will…what’s done is done. It’s over, move on…start YOUR new life. Take all that beauty you absorbed during your “sabbatical” and apply it to your new life.

2. What’s next?

Who cares. It’s only an adventure from here on out. You can do what ever you want. The important thing is your reached out and saw that there are other things out there to experience.

3. What’s in our way?

Nothin. Nothin can stop us from doing what we really want to do. Remember, we can check out any day. Whether is happens tomorrow or fifty years from now, it is our responsibility to live THIS life to its fullest. It’s a gift given to us.

Again, shortened for the sake of brevity, but you get the idea. It’s important to have this kind of support. And it’s important to give this kind of support.

Starting a business is a frightening thing, but having the support of friends and family helps the “second-guessing” that goes on with this desicion to “be-your-own-boss”.



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