For those of you already familiar with the Snoloha brand and the website, it is fairly apparent that Jimmy Buffett has had quite an influence on the lifestyle that we are promoting.

On his new CD, “Take The Weather With You”, Buffett is at it again with carefully crafted lyrics and songs that immediately take you to a different state of mind.

An early favorite here at Snoloha is track #6, “Nothin’ But A Breeze”. Weather he realizes it or not (and we are pretty much 100+% positive that he doesn’t), Buffett touches on the Snoloha lifestyle with the following lyrics:

“I don’t like all this back and forth
Me I want to live with my feet in Dixie
And my head in the cool blue north
Me I want to live with my flip flops in Dixie
And my head in the cool blue north”

Hey, if Jimmy sings about it, maybe we are onto something here?

And if you don’t have it yet, “Take The Weather With You” is worth the purchase.



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