Snoloha – just another company trying to peddle t-shirts right? Well, not really. Consumers don’t need another t-shirt. They don’t need a new SUV. They don’t need the new iPod nano Special Edition. Consumers look for products that they can identify with, but that also portray that identity to anyone they encounter throughout the day. This is who I am. This is my lifestyle.

In today’s homogenized marketplace, new products are often times hard to spot. Even established product lines and brands are difficult to tell apart.

Snoloha is determined to become that niche product that people start asking about. Generating buzz through word-of-mouth is an important aspect to the marketing efforts. Easier said than done, we know. However, as more people begin to understand and are introduced to the brand and what it stands for, they will realize it is a lifestyle they can identify with – and identity leads to customers.

I have this old Michigan t-shirt that I now have to reserve only for game day Saturdays. It has become very fragile throughout the years, and I refuse to replace it just yet. This T reflects my passion for my favorite time of year in sports and my devotion to the second ranked Wolverines of The University of Michigan.

That is what we are trying to create with Snoloha. That favorite piece of clothing you wear every time you head to the beach, out on the boat, to the ski lodge, just chillin’ in the backyard…you get the idea. And hopefully it’s a lifestyle you can identify with.



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