It’s no secret that people love escaping to the Caribbean for their sailing adventures. And we don’t blame them, we love doing the same.

But did you know…Not all Islands are in the Caribbean!

Sailing the Great Lakes, and especially sailing Lake Michigan out of our homeport of Traverse City, is as picturesque and relaxing as anywhere you could imagine. The waters are crystal clear shades of blue and green, and the shoreline is made up of sand dunes, beaches and quaint harbor towns. There are times in the middle of summer, minus the palm trees and the salt water, that you would think you were in the Caribbean.

Even though we kinda like the fact that this is somewhat of a hidden sailing gem, we also felt it was important to share it with fellow sailors looking for a new place to explore, and of course with all of you who already love sailing this amazing part of the world.

Dave Conrad, who owns Great Lakes Sailing Co., and I had been tossing around ways for our businesses to work together.  What originally started with the idea of an ‘Unsalted Flotilla’, eventually turned into the Unsalted Sailing brand with the goal of promoting and capturing the Great Lakes Sailing Lifestyle.