A much needed escape from the mainland to the Virgin Islands wound up being the catalyst behind the concept for Snoloha, and the ensuing entrepreneurial learning process of launching a brand from scratch to ultimately deciding to pivot directions based on a number of factors – financial, personal, emotional and competitive.

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During Snoloha’s life as a clothing brand, it was met with a very strong connection from the folks who ‘got it’.  Snoloha’s mission was to promote escapism from the realities of everyday life every now and then.

Building a brand from an idea in my head, to a legitimate clothing company sold in retail stores throughout the country and overseas, is a lesson that can never be taught in a classroom.  You can’t ever know the true feeling of lying awake in bed one night wondering what you got yourself into, to the next day when you couldn’t imagine trading it for the world…unless you’ve been through it.

The roller-coaster ride of entrepreneurship and building my own brand is easily the single most important business, marketing and branding lesson I’ve ever learned.