Who’s Managing Who?

If you haven’t read it yet, “The E-Myth”, by Michael E. Gerber is a great read for any small business owner. In it he discusses the challenge of managing the Entrepreneur, the Manager, and the Technician. According to Gerber, all three “personalities” exist within a business owner. The Entrepreneur is the one who innovates, creates,… Continue reading Who’s Managing Who?

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Lessons Learned from Leyland

Another great read from Mitch Ablom, this time on the Detroit Tigers and their unforgettable 2006 season, “What A Seson” In it he discusses two different encounters he had with the Tiger’s Skipper, Jim Leyland. First, shortly after losing game 5 and the series to the St. Louis Cardinals. “His feet were bare and hoisted… Continue reading Lessons Learned from Leyland

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More Website Progress

The website now has a larger sneak peek of products as the shopping cart continues to move forward behind the scenes. Visit the Snoloha Shop.

Need To Be Inspired?

If any of you need a little nudge in the back to take on that endeavor you’ve been thinking about, dreaming about, but also putting off due to a number of different excuses, then Seth has a great read for you today on his Blog.

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Snoloha.com is finally live! Feel free to stop on by and spend some time getting to know the brand. The Snoloha Shop is moving along, and we will keep you all updated as to when shopping will be available.

Website Status

The website is coming together this week. All of the links that you see on the page are now active. However, not all the content and images are uploaded yet, but it is a good start. Feel free to check out what’s currently up. The photo gallery has some layout issues, which are being worked… Continue reading Website Status

Not Another T-Shirt Company

Snoloha – just another company trying to peddle t-shirts right? Well, not really. Consumers don’t need another t-shirt. They don’t need a new SUV. They don’t need the new iPod nano Special Edition. Consumers look for products that they can identify with, but that also portray that identity to anyone they encounter throughout the day.… Continue reading Not Another T-Shirt Company

Patience Young Grass Hopper

Snoloha.com is indeed moving along, just a bit slower than anticipated. The majority of the site will be live next week. The storefront, or shopping cart, has been the real headache. Unfortunately we did not anticipate the difficulties in designing the store as we had intended. It turns out that the shopping cart we have… Continue reading Patience Young Grass Hopper

Snoloha! – Barefoot & Exposed

Well, this is the first entry into the Barefoot & Exposed Snoloha Blog. This is where we will keep you posted on what’s happening in the world of Snoloha, share thoughts and experiences on business, marketing, customer service, and of course anything else that makes sense to discuss regarding life somewhere between the islands and… Continue reading Snoloha! – Barefoot & Exposed

Snoloha Photo Shoot

A special thanks to Bay Breeze Yacht Charters for welcoming the Snoloha crew out on a beautiful Sunday afternoon sail late this summer in order to capture some photos for the website. He may be a licensed USCG captain, but Captain Dave’s true passion and drive is to one day become a male model. Thanks… Continue reading Snoloha Photo Shoot