Sucks Less

Mac McAnally wrote a song that Jimmy Buffett recorded called “It’s My Job”.  When Buffett asked him about it on stage, his response was “Take pride in what you do for a living…even if you have a job that sucks, ’cause that’s the quickest way to a job that sucks less.”  I’m obsessed with human-beings… Continue reading Sucks Less

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The Coolest Dude I Ever Met

I’ve waited a few days to write about this, assuming it would be easier to write.  I was wrong.  Just like I was wrong when I anticipated how hard ‘that day’ would be.  It was much, much harder than I could have ever imagined. I was never much of a ‘small dog’ guy.  Heel nippers… Continue reading The Coolest Dude I Ever Met

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I Love the Polar Vortex

It’s true.  I love the Polar Vortex.  It’s not because I’m some sadistic weirdo.  It’s because I’m weird. Snoloha is weird.  And not everyone gets it.  But I’m pretty sure more people do now.  I know they do.  Just look at the news coverage and the content online. My favorite Associated Press headline that I’ve… Continue reading I Love the Polar Vortex

The University of Snoloha

Tuition?  None. Accreditations?  Nope. Higher earning potential?  Perhaps. Increased ability to ESCAPE?  Yup. Required daydreaming? Affirmative. The University of Snoloha – College of Escapism and Daydreaming. If you have successfully proven that you have mastered the ability to ESCAPE from the realities of everyday life now and then, you are eligible to purchase a University… Continue reading The University of Snoloha

Snoloha presents SnoMon & Friends

SnoMon, Irie and Paxton — three amigos, with very different backgrounds and personalities, figuring out life one clumsy step at a time. SnoMon SnoMon is the official spokesperson for Snoloha and is the glue that holds these three together. He’s comfortable in his own snow, care-free, laid-back and happy-go-lucky.  He’s got an adventurous curiosity about… Continue reading Snoloha presents SnoMon & Friends

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Meet Irie the Monkey

Introducing “Irie the Monkey”. A stressed-out, neurotic, banana-addicted monkey who was raised in Jamaica. He badly wants to be what people think of when they think Jamaica. Unfortunately for Irie, he suffers from extreme neurosis and his given name that means ‘feeling positive’…he’s a walking contradiction. Constantly worried, and always anxious, the only thing that… Continue reading Meet Irie the Monkey

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Flattery or Frustration?

Since the launch of Snoloha there have been a handful of times when the ‘big boys’ have done something similar to what my concept is.  It’s a mixed bag of feelings when it happens.  Part of me finds it flattering that these multi-million dollar global brands are willing to put time and money into a… Continue reading Flattery or Frustration?

1,000 Blog Posts?!

It’s true.  This is the 1,000th post here on the Snoloha Barefoot & Exposed Blog. Crazy.  I think. As I think about the ups and downs of growing Snoloha and this over-connected, 140 character, give-it-to-me-now, hashtag world we live in…I’ve actually been using a good old fashion pen / pencil and sketchbook more than ever… Continue reading 1,000 Blog Posts?!

Life is not a snow globe.

I’ve suddenly found myself with a handful of snow globes around the house.  That’s what happens when you have kids. Until you gently shake it, a snow globe is pretty boring.  There’s nothing happening.  Just the status quo.  Normalcy.  Complacency. But you shake it…and something happens.  It becomes interesting.  There’s a story.  There’s change. And… Continue reading Life is not a snow globe.

Going to the Boys Room…

I knew I liked SnoMon the moment I met him.  And as we’ve gotten to know each other better, we’ve learned we’ve got more in common than we thought. SnoMon and his fear of cubicles is something I find quite entertaining.  And when he heard about my quitting story, well…let’s just say he gained a… Continue reading Going to the Boys Room…