ALL SNOLOHA IS 30% OFF with the Coupon Code Snoloha30

(does not apply to Bay Breeze or Unsalted Sailing gear).

The reason for the sale?  To make room for new stuff…and because some of these shirts are taunting me.  And when shirts begin to taunt me, and I find myself talking back at them…I know it’s time they need to find a new home.

Simply use the code Snoloha30 during checkout and get 30% off your Snoloha gear.

AND…SHIPPING is FREE with purchase of $50 or more, and it’s always a flat rate $5 for orders under $50.

New Manufacturer

I’m not sure how many different clothing manufacturers I’ve tried along the way.  Some have been a disaster and others have been really, really nice.  But I’m always looking for something even better, even more comfortable.  The trick is finding a source that has the right pricing and supply.  Well, I’m moving to a new manufacturer.  Screen Print Dave (my screen printer) turned me onto them. Samples showed up last week.  And they past the wash and dry test, the fit test, and the ‘ah, that feels nice’ test.  These will slowly begin to make their way into the inventory, beginning, I think, with the ‘Reflections’ design.

Snoloha Shades

I’m finally very close to making the leap into a product extension outside of clothing.  If the samples checkout, then Snoloha Shades should be a reality very soon.

Sunglasses are a natural extension of the Snoloha brand, and I hope this is the first step at developing other product extensions.  I’ll post more info on the shades soon, including pricing and all the technical babble.

Snoloha Shades



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